Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Top Ten Fashion Trends for Spring 2008

According to Elle magazine this spring's top ten trends are:

1) Geometry Lesson-

Brightly colored geometric prints and linear forms created interest on runways from Fendi to Ferregamo

2)Boys' Club-

The Classic tailored blazer is always in style although this spring it appears in a more luxurios incarnation of lush fabrics and rich colors instead of standard black

3)Color Revival-

Color makes a bold statement in time for spring

4)So Transparent-

Up and down the runways of fashion week transparent fabrics left little to the imagination

5)Brocade Brigade-

This spring will see rich fabrics ripe with luxury and bold patterns

6)Fringe Benefits-

Fringe isn't just for hippies anymore; this spring's fringe is full of glamour

7)Summer of Love-

Hippie chic isn't just for hippies anymore, it's all grown up with sexy sophistication

8)Artists' Touch-

Pollock-like splashes of color emblazon dresses from Gucci to Misoni

9)Melting Pot-

One world, global fashion combines cultural influences

10)It's a Cinch-

Well-dressed Women wear waspish waists...


photo source: elle.com

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