Monday, February 11, 2008

Beautiful Girl

Each week, starting this week, purebeauty will feature a beautiful woman who embodies confidence, style and heart. This week's beauty is none other than the talented, fresh faced and ultra-stylish Rihanna. Just when it seemed like every young R&B singer was starting to look like Beyonce, Rihanna dared to be different. She chopped off her hair and took it up a notch. Her bob haircut was chic, fresh and unexpected. And now, she has switched it up again. Her new, supershort, edgy haircut is a little round-the-way girl and a little punk. It is a perfect marriage and the perfect style for Rihanna's pixie-like face. Her beautiful blue Zac Posen Grammy dress was the perfect compliment to her new haircut. The gorgeous jewel tone was vibrant and exuberant.

So, Why do we love Rihanna? Three simple reasons; she is talented; she dares to be different, which in a world of cookie-cutter beauties, is very refreshing; she is fabulously confident, and that is beautiful.


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