Friday, February 29, 2008

Simple Luxury

A couple of days ago as I walked through a famous, national chain department store that was having a big, fantastic sale, I looked down at all the wonderful bargains in my arms and it hit me...I didn't really, absolutely love any of the clothes I was carrying. Why was I buying them? Because they were such a "great deal," right?

After pausing briefly and thinking it through, I realized that this is the way many of us have come to live nowadays. We fill our lives with masses of cheap things to fill us up. We end up with cluttered homes and bodies. Everything is about getting more for less, from cheaply manufactured sweatshop clothes to supersized meals of frankenfoods.

If we adopt the idea of living with simple luxury we might be better off. Instead of buying an armful of "cheap" clothes you're not really in love with, buy one or two pieces that are truly beautiful, quality pieces you will have for a long time. Your level of satisfaction will be greater in the end and it will cut down on waste and clutter in your home.

When it comes to eating, if you like beef, instead of having cheap hamburgers every night, have a really nice cut of organic steak once a week; better for your body and you get to experience the simple luxury of pure goodness.

So, go ahead and be a bit of a snob. indulge in the finer things and streamline your life. They don't call them the finer things for nothing. Quality counts on your body and in your body.


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jim said...

There is filler in everything in our life: our wardrobes, our foods, our so-called necessities. I think you are on to a wonderful idea, and not only will following this ideal reduce clutter in our homes, but in our bodies and in our lives, and in the world in general. I know indulging in finer things can seem more expensive, but if one looks at things in the long term, the benefits outweigh the costs. Ten McD hamburgers a week ($10) versus a nice cut of organic meat ( probably less than $10 once in a while...Hmmmm I think I could fore go the ten pieces of temporary satisfaction for one quality experience. Great article!!!