Monday, February 25, 2008

Move it or Lose it...30 Days to a More Beautiful You Project Fitness

Our bodies are made to move. Exercise keeps us fit, youthful and fabulous. The health benefits of consistent, gentle exercise are innumerable. It's good for your bones, your joints, your skin, your and your spirit. Some consistent form of movement is an essential element of our 30 day project. My recommendation; at least 30 minutes of gentle exercise like walking or rebounding (excercise done on a mini-trampoline) each day. Light resistance work can also be very beneficial. Feel free to create your own program, but keep in mind that over-exertion can be just as bad as doing nothing. When we push our bodies too hard it can deplete the immune system and send stress hormones into over-drive.

Okay, so let's get moving towards our goals!



Anonymous said...

When does it start?

Nasirah said...

Thanks for your question! The project officially begins on March2. I hope you'll join us. Let me know if you have any more questions.