Sunday, February 24, 2008

30 Days to a More Beautiful You Project Signup

I'm so glad you came... The start of the 30 day project is quickly approaching. I hope you are all getting geared up and setting your personal goals. I will continue to post advice and general guidelines and to set my own goals. Let's start a movement for true beauty from the inside out. Pass this on to someone you love and care about. At the end of the project purebeauty will feature the story of one inspirational participant. It could be you. Leave a comment below to let us know you would like to be part of the project and to lend support to fellow participants.




Nasirah said...

I'll go first...My goals are healthier eating, positive thinking(no complaining) and consistency with my beauty regimen. Overall, making more time for me ...


Anonymous said...

I would love to get started on this - my main struggle is dealing w/the inside. I can never seem to figure out how to get the proper nutrition I need.

Anonymous said...

Fluffylocks--Im in.

My goals are
stress, eating right, excercise, makeup, keeping eyebrows groomed, taking better care of nails, dressing, and time managing my day

Hijabi Apprentice said...

Hey I'll join too! (I found out about this from lhcf!)

My goals are pretty much the same as fluffylocks.

*keep skin clear and hydrated
*exercise daily (at least a 15 minute walk)
*drink at least 1/2 gallon of water
*upkeep of brows, nails
*be more organized

summer said...

Thank you for the invitation. My goals are more positive thinking, consistent exercise, and healthier eating.

Nasirah said...

Hi everybody!
I'm so glad to see all of you here. This is such a positive thing and I'm glad to share it with other conscious women. It's good to know we can support each other. If you have any questions, please let me know. I will try my best to help you find answer.

I wish you all positive energy and I know that you will meet or exceed your goals. I hope that the changes we make during this project will propel us to do better in all areas of our lives. It is my hope also that we can learn from the journey and know that our true beauty is something we all have a right to.

Thank you for joining!


Please pass this blog on to someone you love

dirah2001 said...

This looks interesting. Who doesn't need to improve themselves in 30 days? I'd take a 30 second improvement project if it would work. But of coures, anything worth having is worth working towards, so I guess I should stop being impatient. I'm not sure what my goals are. I gotta think about them, make sure they're true.

Anonymous said...

(2grlsandme on LHCF) I am glad to have found this post on the LHCF. I had just started a 30 day challenge so this is right on time! My goals are to take my vitamins everyday and not miss a day. I am also trying to eat better including no processed foods, more fruits and whole grains. I will try and drink at least 64 oz. of water a day and of course co-wash daily for the entire time.

Gelati said...

Thanks for inviting me to join, I already started taking better care of myself. So this works out great with the what I'm already doing. This project, I will focus more on my beauty regimen. I don't have a beauty regimen at all. So I'm going to work on my hair, skin and nails. From the inside and out!!!!

ceecy29 said...

I'm in too. March is my birth month and it's lent right now, so I am all about lifestyle OVERHAUL!!! I want to rid my self of dry skin issues and maintain healthy eating habits. I am also looking to incorporate some form of physical activity into my daily life.

Oh something I thought to share, in my community and preventive medicine class, there is a magic 3 month (or 12-week however you see it)rule. Basically if you can maintain a newly learned habit for at least 12 weeks, it will stick!

Here's to positive changes in '08 for us all.

I'm excited, can you tell?

Anonymous said...

I'm in!

Anonymous said...

i'm in... this came right on time. personally i've been planning to "get my life together" starting on march 1st. my goals are to eat healthier, drinking water, excercise daily, read my bible && taking better care of myself in general. (including but not limited to, regular hair && nail appointments, updating wardrobe, etc.)

Anonymous said...

I am in! I aspire to:
*clearer skin
*daily exercise (for my abs)
*Healthier lifestyle

Shawn said...

I would love to join the challenge with you ladies..My goals are to have a clear complexion, decrease meat intake, exercise and be more organized.

MsNicole1913 said...

My goals are to be more consistent with my eating. That includes making fruits and vegetables my number one source of nutrition. I will start my day with prayer, and will strive to find something positive to say each morning. I would also like to stick to a doable skin and exercise regimen. Those the short term goals I’d like to make permanent. 

Nasirah said...


It's good to see all of the new participants still joining. The feedback has been so great. This just goes to show that there is a strong need and desire for a deeper approach to beauty, one that deals with the whole "self." When we as women look at the our whole "self" it is easier to appreciate our beauty than when we are reduced to the outer facade. I hope this 30 day journey will be a tool to help all of us embrace our birthright of confidence and self-love.


jim said...

Count me in...I want to reduce sugar intake, increase fruits and grains, organize more and procrastinate less, drop some weight, exercise more, envision positivity, maintain and increase communication with my family and friends, continue to strengthen my immediate family and our position in life,...I'll add more as I think of it...

Husniyah said...

I'm in. This is a great challenge

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found you from LHCF and I'm glad I did.

I would like to participate in this wonderful challenge.

Healthier lifestyle (going raw/exercise)
gain a positive and mindful disposition
cultivate my creativity
embrace my natural beauty (with some help from natural product, of course!)

Hmm, perhaps I should blog this experience.