Friday, November 9, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

One of the pillars of any effective beauty regimens is sleep. Sleep gives our bodies and minds a chance to heal and to be restored. I recently read an interesting article by Marcus Ryan that espouses the benefits of sleep for our faces and our bodies. In the article Ryan states that,

"Getting a good night sleep is key to keeping your skin keep its youthful appearance. Thus, it's earned the name beauty sleep. Beautiful skin is where beauty begins and a youthful appearance is what every woman wants."

Even more importantly, he goes on to say, "beauty sleep will do more than just give you a youthful appearance, it will reduce your risk of important health problems, such as heart problems too."

Now that you know that beauty sleep isn't just for a youthful appearance, you should make sure that it's a priority and that you get enough sleep. So go for it and get your beauty sleep and get the health benefits at the same time!

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