Friday, November 2, 2007

Buyer Beware...

Buyer beware of so-called natural products. I'm sure you've seen the shelves of products at your local drugstore or grocer that claim "natural" status. Because of growing awareness, many consumers know enough to know that they should be looking for natural or organic products, but the beauty and food industries are taking advantage of the fact that most people don't even know what natural really is. Unfortunately, many companies are adding plant essences or one or two herbal ingredients to their chemical cocktails and passing them off as natural. Even sadder is that some companies with reputations as natural health personal care companies are using ingredients such as parabens that are antithetical to health by all accounts. While we should applaud some of these companies for trying to do better, we should not blindly trust them. Just because a product claims to be "natural" or because you can find it in a health food store, does not make it safe.

If you are concerned about certain additives or ingredients read the label every time and research ingredients you are not familiar with. If there is a product with less than healthy ingredients you feel you just can't live without or aren't ready to give up yet, don't. And don't feel bad about it. Simply having the knowledge lets you make an informed decision.


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