Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Scent sense...

I love the ritual of spraying on a light, beautiful body spray after a shower. There are few more refreshing moments during the day.

We all love to smell good and scent can transform our mood. Certain scents can also have an affect on our health and well being. Essential oils have been used for years in aromatherapy. Oils such as grapefruit are said to contribute to weight loss and lavender is soothing and relaxing while peppermint is invigorating and revitalizing.

Making your own signature scent with essential oils couldn't be easier. Simply add ten to fifteen drops of your favorite oil to every one ounce of distilled water in a small spray bottle. Shake well each time before you spray. This body spray is all natural with no additives or synthetic chemical fragrances. It can also be used as a room mist. Here are just a few oils you can customize your body spray with:

  • lemon- uplifting and energizing

  • lavender- calming and soothing

  • rosemary- stimulates memory

  • grapefruit- uplifting, aids weight loss, confidence

  • peppermint- invigorating and revitalizing

  • chamomile- peaceful and relaxing

  • orange- relieves tension, lifts mood

  • franckincense- excellent for skin, calming

Note: Essential oils are very strong. Be sure to dilute oils with water before applying to skin to prevent irritation.


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