Monday, November 12, 2007

Black Beauty

So, I discovered a quick pimple fix this morning in my bathroom (thanks to a red, glowing pimple on my nose). I remembered making a paste of activated charcoal and water for an itchy,
swollen mosquito bite this summer. Within thirty minutes of applying the paste, the bite was flat
and the itchiness was gone.

Because of its absorptive properties, charcoal has been used effectively to treat many things including snake bites and diarrhea. (do not substitute this information for proper medical diagnosis or treatment)
I figured, if charcoal can absorb the poison from a snake bite and can flatten a mile high mosquito bite, it could probably take down a pimple.

I emptied the contents of one activated charcoal capsule and mixed it with enough aloe
vera gel to make a paste. I applied a dab of the paste directly onto the cleaned pimple. Once the paste dried i gently flaked it off (you could wash it) and the pimple had flattened considerably and the redness was gone. I reapplied the paste once more and by the time it dried again the pimple was virtually non-existent.

This means good-bye to expensive, harsh, chemical laden blemish cream and hello to blemish-free skin!

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