Saturday, March 1, 2008

Count Down 30 Days to a More Beautiful You Project

I wanted to take a moment at the start of this new journey to extend well wishes to everyone. Remember, during this time of revitalization, that tests often spring up when we resolve to make change. Change can be a beautiful thing, but, it is not always an easy thing. We can find strength in renewal. You can renew your resolve by reading a particularly moving or touching piece of literature or poetry. Perhaps you do this through prayer or meditation. Be prepared to tap into your source of strength at those moments when your goals seem far off. And don't forget all of us. We are here to listen to you vent and to offer advice and hopefully smiles.

Just remember, no matter what happens, continue to move forward. Don't beat yourself up for weak moments. Get up and get moving again. What matters is what you do most of the time. As one of our 30 day project participants (thank you ceecy29) pointed out, consistency over a period of time establishes permanent change. Be as consistent as possible. Be honest with yourself and deal with any emotions that might impede your progress.

Remember that you are powerful and you have an innate right to beauty because beauty is truth and truth is light. In the light, we can see ourselves for who we really are.


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